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Welcome to my Star Wars Role Playing Game Site.  This site is here for me to share with any interested parties in my campaign or players.  The "Campaign" section follows the story of my players' heroes after the end of their backstories.  Each of their backstories, along with their statistics and abilities, are outlined on their corresponding pages. 


What's New?


I have now updated the characters.  All changes from the original postings are in yellow

Coming Soon:  Full Campaign Narrative!



The Campaign Has Begun!  That's right, we finally got started.  For now, the Campaign page will have an abriged version of the first adventure.  That is until after finals, then I'll do a full version. 



With a review of the rules, there have been a couple of changes to my Jedi characters.  Plus, I added languages to each character.  More on Misc.



Whew, been real busy lately, haven't updated in a long ol' time.  Well . . . some things have changed, so have a look around. 

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