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Rules Adjudication
During the game, I ruled that using a ranged weapon against an adjacent foe provokes an Attack of Opportunity.  Plus, I applied a  -4 penalty on attack rolls and Defense for the ranged weapon user.  However, I was too used to Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, and ruled incorrectly.  I did not take into account the +1 Point Blank bonus, either. 
This is the house rule I will use from now on:  Using a ranged weapon against an adjacent foe, armed with a melee weapon, does provoke an Attack of Opportunity.  However there will not be any penalty or bonus applied to these opponents, other than the +1 Point Blank bonus to hit for the person with the ranged weapon.  When using a ranged weapon against an adjacent opponent with a ranged weapon, the Point Blank bonus still applies, but no Attacks of Opportunity are awarded.  Also, using a melee weapon against an adjacent foe armed with a ranged weapon does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity, nor is it granted the +1 Point Blank bonus because it is a melee weapon. 
This Adjudication represents that an opponent engaged in melee (meaning opponent has a melee weapon) while armed with a ranged weapon is busy trying to deal with the immediate danger of the melee weapon.  The distraction of firing on his/her opponent is enough of a moment to allows the melee opponent a chance to strike freely. 
If you are confused by my rules change, please contact me. 

What I had originally believed to be true about Jedi Skills turned out not to be true.  Sittin' around, like I usually do, readin' my Revised CR, I was looking at Force Feats and realized that unless you have Alter, Control, or Sense, you cannot use those skills at all.  I used to think that taking those feats simply turned Cross-Class into Class Skills.  However, I was wrong.  Without the preruquisite feat, certain skills cannot be accessed.  So, I've notified my players that I am adhering to the rules and I have modified their stats on their corresponding pages. 

Well, the beginning of the campaign just keeps getting pushed back.  I can't say when I'll have a chance to start.  We may not get a chance until after Christmas.  Obviously, that means more waiting for the rest of you, but that also means more time for me to make this a positive and fun experience.  Also, you may have noticed that characters have changed.  This is because Zimikai left on a religious mission and won't be able to participate.  So, he is gone and R2-FU (who was Zim's droid) had to be redone.  So R2-FU's player changed to a Kel Dor Jedi named Debo Tun.  So, we shall see if I can get this campaign going soon. 

It appears that Wizards of the Coast, producer of the Star Wars Role Playing Game, has gone through another lay off.  Several members of the RPG R&D were let go, including J.D. Wiker.  Wiker helped produce most of the RPG books to date.  Previous lay offs included fan favs of Steve Miller, Owen K.C. Stevens, and Sean Reynolds.  Now, with the loss of J.D. Wiker and the end of Star Wars Gamer magazine, we may see the end of a great RPG. 
In the words of Count Dooku:  "This is a mistake.  A terrible mistake!"

Well, I'm finally getting my book.  Its supposed to be delivered sometime this week, but we'll see how long that takes.  But, looking over the site and my players' character sheets, it appears that I still need some things from them.  Aside from backstories, Zimikai is still missing one feat and Ne'Vorp hasn't given me any physical description of his character.  Plus, even though I haven't posted languages yet, it would appear that Ne'Vorp needs to pick two more languages.  I guess that's all for now.

Hopefully I'll be getting my Power of the Jedi Sourcebook soon (Amazon sucks, by the way) and then the Jedi part of my campaign should become more fleshed out.  The campaign itself is almost ready to go, still no date when it'll be started.  I have Parts 1 and 2 done, with part 3 on its way.  If timing goes my way, I should be able to do all three parts in one weekend.  But, things don't tend to go my way, so we'll just have to see what happens.  I still need background stories.  So far only Josro has submitted his while Zimikai keeps promising to send his and R2-FU's.  Still no word from Ne'Vorp.  If you haven't noticed, I'm using character names, 'cause I haven't bothered to get permission from my players to use their real names.   Anyways, that's all I feel like rambling about right now.