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Twenty-five years have passed since the battle of Yavin, and it is a time of relative peace.  Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 has produced over a hundred Jedi and the New Order's numbers are slowly growing.  The New Republic, now established as the primary government of the galaxy, has finally forged peace with the Imperial Remnant under Grand Admiral Gilad Pallaeon. 
However, internal struggles and squabbling politicians are pulling the New Republic apart at the seams.  Representatives and Senators with hidden agendas have begun to make bids for more power, allowing for chaos to ensue in many systems.  Two neighboring systems, Rhomamool and Osarian, have rekindled an old war between the two systems.  The conflict seems to have been started by anti-technologists under the fanatical leader Nom Anor.  This political and economical disaster has worn heavily on the New Republic, and even Leia Organa-Solo has attempted to stall the conflict.
Elswhere in the galaxy, other small conflicts have erupted between systems.  Crime Lords, seeking to regain the power they held during the Empire, are returning to gain control once again.  Even the Hutts have begun to look at expanding their borders. 
All this unease has set the stage for the dark times to come . . .
Chapter I:  The Hunt for Rannon
The Lucky Star, a cantina in Mos Entha on Tatooine.  Having entered,  are a pair of Jedi Apprentices, Ne'Vorp and Debo Tun, searching for information on Herogga the Hutt.  Their master has sent them to this cantina while he gathers his own info regarding rumors about the Hutt preparing to wage war.  While talking to Shiri'ani, the cantina's female Twi'lek owner, an inebriated Trandoshan and his Rodian buddy begin to pick a fight with a rather surly looking human, Josro Valmed, who is a bounty hunter searching for a smuggler named Rannon Djelk. 
The situation turns sour and weapons are drawn.  However, the Jedi intervene and place themselves inbetween the duo and the human.  Igniting their lightsabers, the Jedi talk down the individuals and offer to buy them drinks.  After a few tense moments, weapons are holstered, and the situation has been successfully diffused.  With the arrival of New Republic Security officers, the bar is returnned to normal, and no charges are made by any individual.  Admiring their courage, Shiri'ani tells the Jedi about a Devaronian smuggler named Rannon that works for Herogga.  She tells them that he is preparing to leave from the nearby spaceport hub.  Overhearing this info, Josro decides to follow the Jedi to the hub and track down Rannon. 
After dealing with the Mos Entha Port Authority, the Jedi narrow down the possible location for Rannon's ship, The Devil's Daughter.  Continuing to track the Jedi, Josro follows them until they are spotted by thugs in a hallway.  The thugs immediately open fire on the Jedi.  The Jedi dive out of the hallway, recompose themselves and immediately come into the fray, sabers swinging.  Josro backs them up, both blasters blazing.  The trio make quick work out of the four thugs, killing one, incapacitating two, and capturing the last. 
After interrogating the survivor, the Jedi decide to tie him up and leave the mess for security.  However, Josro thinks otherwise and immediately executes the prisoner before the Jedi can respond.  The trio argue in the hall, with Ne'Vorp almost attacking Josro, until they come to an understanding.  With the arrival of security, they spend an hour dealing with the officers, and then finally are let go and they travel to the suspect's docking bay. 
Calling security at the entrance of the docking bay, they are met by a rookie officer, who opens the door for them and they attempt to sneak in.  However, the rookie trips and alerts Rannon's guards.  A firefight ensues with both guards being killed and Ne'Vorp almost meeting the same fate.  Rannon storms down the landing ramp, blaster in hand, and walks right into a well placed stun shot from Josro.  The Devaronian drops, and the trio have their victory.  Just in time for the Jedis' Master, Kelvin Torris, his contacts, and NR Security to arrive. 
Josro gets his bounty of 4000 credits and the Jedi have their lead on Herogga the Hutt's activities.