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Josro Valmed

Class:  Soldier
Race:  Human
Level:  2
Gender:  Male
Age:  21
Height:  1.8m
Weight:  81.65kg
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Ear-length Brown
Skin:  Tanned
STR    15    +2
DEX    17    +3
CON    14    +2
INT     11    +0
WIS    12    +1
CHA    12    +1
Vitality Points:  19
Wound Points:  14
Defense:  16
Initiative:  +3
Speed:  10m
Fort.:  +5
Refl.:  +3
Will.:  +1
Force Points:  2
Dark Side Points:  1
Reputation:  +1
Melee Attack:  +4
Ranged Attack:  +5
Weapon       Atk. Bonus    Damage    Critical    Range Inc.    Stun DC  Weight    Size
Blaster Pistol      +5            3d6          20           10m             15       1kg         S
Sporting Blaster  +5            3d4          20            8m              13       1kg         S
Both Pistols     +3/+3
Armor Proficiency (light)
Weapon Group (blaster pistols)
Weapon Group (blaster rifles)
Weapon Group (heavy)
Weapon Group (simple)
Weapon Group (vibro)
Two Weapon Fighting
Quick Draw
Basic [literate]
Appraise                  +0
Bluff                       +5
Climb                      +2
Computer Use          +0
Diplomacy                +1
Disguise                  +1
Entertain                 +1
Escape Artist           +3
Forgery                   +0
Gather Information    +6
Hide                        +6
Intimidate                +6
Jump                       +2
Listen                      +1
Move Silently            +8
Pilot                        +3
Ride                         +3
Search                     +0
Sense Motive            +1
Spot                        +3
Survival                    +1
Swim                        +2
Treat Injury              +1
2 Blaster Pistols
Sporting Blaster Pistol
7 Power Packs
Personal Holoprojector

Background Story:
Josro Valmed was born of two humans.  His mother, Valura (named after her mother's favorite Naboo flower), was a dancer on Bespin.  She wasn't the most popular dancer, but she had her regular "visitors".  However, she always took extra precautions to ensure she would not become a mother.  One day, no special time or circumstances, a man came to the club.  Valura didn't notice the man at first, but he certainly noticed her.  She became his one reason for being at the club.  During her first performance, she noticed him for the first time.  She didn't think much of him until after she had finished, and the man approached her.  At first, she was startled by his sudden, silent appearance.  He apologized and offered to buy her a drink, but somewhere private.  Once her shock wore off she noticed how comfortable she felt around him.  They went to a private table towards the back of the club, away from the rest of the patrons.  Small talk ensued.  She asked if he had been to Bespin before, and he said that he had once retrieved and delivered a package to its owner.  She assumed that meant he was some sort of messenger, but the answer made her feel that he was hiding something.  As talk grew more intimate, they drew closer to one another.  Looking at the man, Valura now noticed his hard and scarred face, his strong physical stature, and his rough and caloused hands.  Her intuition told her that this man was more than just some simple messenger.  What drew her even closer were his eyes.  There was nothing fairly unique about them; they were a human's typical brown, but they made her feel important.  Within those eyes she was more than just a common whore, but a prize that galaxies were fought over.  She felt love for the first time that night. 
When Valura awoke, she found 5,000 credits and a note waiting for her on the table.  His name was Josro Valmed and how he would have loved to stay in her arms forever, but he had to return to a previous job assignment.  He told her that he would meet her again at the same time in two days.  He kept his word, and was there two days later, as he had promised.  It had felt like an eternity to Valura, but seeing him again made her wait well worth it.  They made love again that night.  This time, she woudn't let him go, but after many hours, her strength left her and she fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.  She woke to find him gone, but heard the door the sound of footsteps and her door sliding shut.  Quickly, she threw on her robe and took off after her lover.  She could hear his steps, but no matter how fast she moved, she could not seem to catch him.  She rounded a corner towards a landing pad door, but it had closed not seconds before.  Not giving up, Valura opened the door and stepped out onto a landing pad.  Then, she stopped in her tracks.  In front of her stood a figure dressed in full battle armor, with a modified blaster rifle leveled at her head.  The armor appeared worn and battle tested, and his unique helmet matched the ensemble.  The green and red colors were faded, and a small cape was draped over his left shoulder.  Though she could not see the eyes, Valura knew they were scanning her.  The figure lowered his blaster and nodded in apology.  She was confused.  Was this her lover?  The armored man turned and began to walk to his red and green ship.  But she started after him.  Before she could reach him, he turned and grabbed her.  Holding her into him she could feel the cold of his armor.  It stung her skin, but she did not care.  After a brief moment, the man released her and began to speak.  His voice was deep, monotone, and metallic.  He told her that he had never met anyone like her before, but he knew that he would place her life in danger as long as he was with her.  He told her that he was more than just a messenger, but he never revealed what his real occupation was.  He said that people would use her to get to him, and he could never let that happen.  Tears formed in Valura's eyes as he stepped away from her.  With his left hand he nudged her chin, then he turned and left.  She watched him enter his ship.  A ship she later learned was named Slave I.  It was then that she learned her lover's true identity, Boba Fett, but she would always think of him as Josro Valmed.  When she returned to her quarters, she noticed a familiar pill resting on her lamp table.  She suddenly realized that she hadn't taken her contraceptive pill.
Nine months later, Valura gave birth to a baby boy.  She named him Josro Valmed after his father.  She was well like at her bar and became a waitress.  She made good money and raised Josro until he was old enough to get his own job.  He joined the Cloud City SecForce and learned the use of weapons and armor.  He was respected and well liked.  One day he was assigned guard duty at another club on the other side of the city.  After his shift, he came home and was shocked to discover that an accident had accured at the club where his mother worked.  A fire-fight had broken out between a couple digruntled patrons, and his mother had been caught in the crossfire and killed.  Namco, a human smuggler, had started the fight and had escaped the authorities.  After his mother's funeral Josro went through his mother's things and found a holorecording of his mother.  It was to him and it concerened his father.  Valura always felt that if anything ever happened to her, Josro would need to know the truth about his father, Boba Fett.  There wasn't any substantial information, but enough to give Josro a new outlook on his life.  He never knew much about Fett.  Only by rumors and reputation.  She told her son that he should seek out his father someday, so that he might see the man that his son had become.  Josro vowed to find his father and hunt down Namco.  He took what money he had saved, quit the security force, and set out after Namco.  He eventually found and killed Namco, tracking him across the galaxy.  The thrill of the hunt boiled within his veins, and made him feel alive.  His father's blood had driven Josro onto his destiny. 
Two years have passed . . .
Josro is now on Tatooine in the city of Mos Entha.  Following the trail of a Devaronian smuggler named Ranon Djelk, he has found himself at the cantina called Lucky Star.  He always enjoys hunting smugglers.  In fact, he'll take their bounties over others if at all possible.  The trail of Ranon had disappeared, and normally he would have avoided a cantina, but Josro needed some clues to finding him.