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So, here's my website.  I figured that since almost every other soul on the planet had a site, I'd just as well join the mold.  Since Tripod was easy to use and free, it was just the kind of thing a poor idiot like me needed.  Since this is something I've always thought about doing, the first few weeks of having my site will probably be the most productive.  I'll have changes and modifications here and there.  Feel free to bookmark my site.  Especially when I start my rants.  Don't be afraid to drop me a line.  Maybe I'll catch you on the web one of these days.  Adios.

What's New?

The damn Site builder was down!  Oh well.  I have four new pictures on the Pics page, I've replaced my "borrowed" pic with one of me in my Jedi robes and home-built lightsaber.  Plus, I've managed a way to make my previous rants more accessable.  Enjoy!
New pictures are up.  I tell you, its a helluva lot easier than writing rants. 

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.