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Pictures Posted 8/26/02


Cuteness Overload!

Cuteness . . . overwhelming! Estrogen levels  . . . spiking!  Can't . . . breathe.  Need . . . violent images.  Can't find any!  No . . . must not give into . . . feminine influence!  Damn . . . too late!
"Awwwww.  How cute!"


Yoohoo!  Tiger!

Y'know, I think I remember hearing the news report about this.  The guy greased himself up and ran amok at some golf championship.  Took somewhere around a dozen police and caddies to wrestle him down.  It was like trying to catch a bar of soap in a prison shower.  (not that I'd know anything about that)


Use #1074

Some woman came up with this idea.  I just know it.  We put up the seat for a fucking reason!  If you want to have us pee all over the seat, then leave it taped.  Otherwise, shut the fuck up and let us urinate the way we want to!


That's a lot of donuts!

Usually I don't bring up stereotypes.  Nor do cops usually like to admit their weakness for donuts.  But, mother of crap guys!  Stop with the damn donuts!